Chinese Peacock

Chinese Peacock

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Size: 14CT - 41.33x20.07in / 105x51cm; 11CT - 52.75x25.59in / 134x65cm
Colour Quantity: 67
Material: Canvas
Package include: Threads, Needles, Instruction
Selection: Printed or Blank, 11CT or 14CT

* This is not a complete piece.
** The frame is not included.


14CT: Use 2 strands for full stitch and 1 strand for back stitch
11CT: Use 3 strands for full stitch and 2 strands for back stitch


* Do not wash the piece until it has been completely stitched

** Washing will remove the stamped design needed to cross-stitch

*** To remove the stamped printed, lay the fabric into the sudsy water for half an hour, or until the stamping is removed.  Rinse in cold water until all the suds are gone.

**** Do not squeeze or wring your piece.

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